Making the most of seasonal ingredients
Twelve months of the year,
We change the menu every month,
We offer a course menu that changes

each month of the year.


We love the four seasons,
and hope you to enjoy the best of the season by

our cuisine with seasonal ingredient in Japan.


Takeshi Nakajima, the owner of this restaurant,

creates each dish with his sensitivity.


Our dishes are made of old Japanese antiques

that old Kutani, old Bizen, Oribe,

and Chinese antiques and more.


Please enjoy the combination of the dishes

and arrangement.


Japanese Innovative Restaurant

Shoku 12 months Takeshi Nakajima Nishiazab

4-2-10, Nishiazabu, Minato-ward, Tokyo, Japan.

Open by reservation
Please call to book.


“Taste of the season.”


3 Appetizers

Queen crab (kobako kani)

Shanghai crab

Wagyu Sukiyaki or Blowfish hot pot

Yuzu rise porridge or Clay pot steamed rice.


¥28,000 (Tax included)

We strive to seek out the best ingredients at the time and cook delicately and boldly so that our guests can enjoy the season to the fullest. We are committed to serving the beautiful four seasons of Japan along with our cuisine. Takeshi Nakajima, owner